Party Time!

Hey Everyone!

Recently I celebrated my 16th Birthday and I invited all 15 of my friends over for my party. My theme was glamping party so I had them stay overnight. It was such a fun night, one that I’m sure I will remember. My party was very well organised I had a budget to stick to we spent $290.00 which was really good considering we had 16 people staying over! I thought I would share some activities we did that might help you if your planning your sweet 16th or any birthday.

  • Facial Masks- These were such a hit and really winded down all the girls!
  • Roasting Marshmallows – I got so many fabulous comments about this and I really recommend this!
  • Walks down to the beach – The girls absolutely loved this and the best part was the sunset was beautiful so the girls got a lot of shots which made me very happy!
  • Spa time – They loved relaxing in the spa and playing some games which made some people reveal some interesting secrets about themselves!
  • Smoothie time – I really recommend this as it’s cost effective and is a healthy option after a night full of junk food.

My piece of advice for your party is make it reflect you as a person and style it the way you like! Don’t make your parents interfere with your design process as thats the mistake I made! Pinterest was my absolute life saver for party ideas so definitely research your ideas on there to give you a few more options if you need a plan B!

The most important part of your party is to have fun and enjoy yourself! Thats a party you will sure to remember!

Love Caity x

P.S follow my Party Playlist on Spotify for some good tunes – Caitlyn Lawn

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