Zoella Lifestyle Haul

A few weeks ago, I was peering out my window awaiting for Boots package to come at my door. The day it came it was pouring with rain and I had just came back from school. THIS LITERALLY MADE MY DAY! I was jumping up and down so much and I was honestly the happiest person ever. When ever I get a parcel in the mail I’m usually pretty chilled but when this one came I was the complete opposite!! Anyway let me run through what I got!

  • Zoella Inspire Keyring
  • Zoella Write on Point Pencil Collection
  • Zoella Once Upon A Time Journal
  • Zoella Warm Hands Warm Heart Travel Mug & Fingerless Gloves
  • Zoella Lazy Days Fragranced Candle & Socks

My Favourite items include the Lazy Days Candle, it smells absolutely amazing!! At first I wasn’t really keen on it but I’m so happy I got it. My second item is the Socks they are so comfortable and really warm, they would be good for a cold night or a chilly morning in the winter. (the socks and gloves will come in handy when its winter) and my last favourite which is my favourite out of all is the travel mug I absolutely adore it and I’m super excited about the cold weather to come hehe!

I hope you liked my Zoella Haul and keep your eyes out for more hauls!

Love Caitlyn x

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