My Top 5 Holiday Spots I Want To Visit!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted in a month and 1 day! I have been so busy with school its hard to sit down and write a post so I thought tonight I would make time and post!!

There are so many places in the world I want to visit so I thought i would narrow it down to five.

  1. London, UK – I really want to visit the uk because watching all the British Youtubers and the places they go makes me fall in love even though I live literally on the other side of the world. Its a dream for me to visit there one day and see the amazing scenery.
  2. Los Angeles, Calafornia -I really want to go to LA because of DISNEYLAND!! Im 100% sure I’m gonna go there because  I really like the beaches, I want to see the Hollywood sign and most importantly walk down the path of fame!
  3. New York , USA- I really want to go to New York in the Winter time because it looks magical in movies when its snowing, I want to spend days shopping there and see the cool buildings.
  4. Hawaii, USA – I really want to go to Hawaii so I can get tan, Swim, Surf, Snorkel, Skate and soak up the sun. I really would like to stay at a resort there as it looks so amazing!
  5. Thailand- I love Thailand, I think i would love to visit its tropical lands and walk through the markets they have.

I hope you liked this post and comment your five top holiday spots you want to visit or go to again!

Caitlyn x


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